Yonder Goes The Light

by Rusty Scott

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released April 20, 2009



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Rusty Scott Kansas City

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Track Name: Sovereign
Leaving in the morning for sovereignty
To bring it back to where it used to be.
Settled down beside me.
Oh Miss Mary You needn't be afraid
when you bid aideu.
Don't forget I'm in the drops that fall around you.

We've our eyes on you now.
It's not like there're no ways around.
In the morning we'll be safe,
when our fate has been erased.
Tell me we'll be safe.

Saddle up and ready this vexing seat
Of which we plant our feet, in lieu of sounds of living
Not forgiving by being bleak and mused
and oh so confused
like souls were spaces
bought and sold by these blank faces.

We're leaving here tonight.
Track Name: Reprise I: Anticipation
Looks like magic, tastes so sweet.
Sounds like someone's on his feet.
Where we've been is all we know.
This is where we'll call our home.
Track Name: Tanglefoot
And all the berries from the vine that I have planted
If I let em' sit til' mid-July the birds will eat em'
They fell right down to us.

Fishing for rhythm, Mining for rhyme
Panning for golden melody in my mind
They fell right down to us.
Must have fell right down to us.

And while my feet were tangled tight,
They were over there a' yonder
Drinking cactus wine all night. Alright.

When he was howling at the moon,
I should have known it.
Old dogs don't bark with that much croon
and then go to sleep.
He must have fell right down to us.

It takes guts to be a dog
It takes balls to make hime bite
But it's not a damn retriever who's been biting at My
Hand might be holding rattle snake eyes,
But it doesn't take a gambler to roll someone else's dice
Not mine. Alright.
Track Name: Vultures
Instead of building picture frames,
I took all the poems I had saved,
Read them aloud and played some chords
And the rest of it came down from the lord.

I've been saving up for you
All the bright ideas that I once knew.
And I answer before the clue,
Thinking I'm on to something new.

I follow them and they follow me
And we follow each other to the sea.
Over the rocks and under the sun
Right down the river as it runs.

I've been singing in my songs
Bout' the tricks and trades that made me wrong.
And it surely won't be long
Before I'm tricked and traded on.

I was out watching people,
Watching those people watching me.
Thinking I must be thinkin,
That they must not be thinking bout' me.

Even the vultures said,
"That boy, he ain't worth eatin,"
Even the boxing bear
Can keep his paws from bleeding now.
Track Name: Whip
Sometimes the whip is in my hand
And other times I'm gettin' beat by it.
Sometimes I'm teaching people things
But most of the time they're showing me.

And so you rode a wild horse by teaching it to smile.
And I created us a war by helping someone fight.
So you needn't say my name.

Everyone likes to think that nobody's thinking.
We're in need of a dream that's not when we're sleeping.
Track Name: Reprise II: Cunctation
Golden dreams or worthless stone.
How it happens, no one knows.
It can bring you to your knees
Or lead us to our destiny.